From Our Heart, To Yours...

Grandma carefully chooses bits and pieces from scraps of worn clothes to make a pretty quilt to keep her family warm.

A young wife expecting her first child dreams of making a quilt to lovingly wrap her precious newborn in.

An aunt happily begins a quilt to commemorate a favorite child’s birthday or life event.

As life and its demands occupy their time, the quilt tops end up in the closet, on a shelf, in a dresser drawer, or under the bed just waiting to be done...treasured but never finished.

We Finish Dreams!

Let our expert quilt specialists finish your quilt with caring artistry.

There are many longarm machine quilters asking to finish your quilts. The question is, why us? First, our quilt specialists have been trained and retrained before they are allowed to finish one of your quilts; second, our quilt specialists are creative and artistic with an appreciation for the work that goes into each quilt top. They can make suggestions for quilting your top to enhance your hard work; and finally, we use Gammill stitch regulated machines for perfect creative stitch control.

For those that want to finish their own dreams, Legacy Longarm Quilters rents time on their longarm quilting machines.

Legacy Longarm Quilters also have a variety of quilt classes available, including longarm machine training. Please see our upcoming class calendar page for more details.